I am a retired chemical engineer with an interest in engineering, science, things technological, things theological and a budding artist … quite a mix really.

I come from a relatively small family and I was born and raised in the “Black Country” – the industrial heartland of England – but I moved to Chester with my wife for work when I had completed the research for my PhD and now we wouldn’t live anywhere else.

I have been a Reader in the Church of England for over 20 years during which time I have developed an “Holistic” theology.

We have two wonderful daughters who are married to two great guys. Thanks to them, we now have four amazing grandsons and a granddaughter – we are truly blessed.

I was prompted to blog by one or two other inspirational bloggers but who knows how this particular stream of consciousness will turn out or where it will lead … I just hope that it will be meaningful and, just maybe, of interest to others!